“An Inspired Man”. Studies in Judeo-Arabic Culture Dedicated to the Memory of Joshua Blau

Miriam Frenkel, Phillip I. Lieberman

Éditeur : Brill

Parution : 22 février 2024

Series: Études sur le judaïsme médiéval, Volume: 97

Volume Editors: Miriam Frenkel and Phillip I. Lieberman

This volume is dedicated to Professor Joshua Blau, of blessed memory. The articles included therein, written by his students and fellows, all deal with the Judeo-Arabic language and its associated culture. Among them are articles dealing with language, lexicography, cross-cultural relations, biblical translation, prayer, law, and poetics. The wide scope of material in this volume attests to the richness and breadth of Judeo-Arabic as well as to the expansive range of fields studied by Professor Blau himself.