Offre de bourses pour doctorants à l’Université de Haïfa

Call for Applications for Doctoral Fellowships, 2014-2016

Christian and Jewish Religious Conversions in Late Antiquity and the Classical Islamic Period

The Faculty of Humanities, the School of History, and the Department for Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa, in partnership with the Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters at Ben Gurion University of the Negev will grant fellowships to outstanding doctoral students who wish to focus their research on aspects of religious conversions of Christians and Jews in Late Antiquity and the Classical Islamic period.*

  • Fellowships will be granted to new students who begin their doctoral studies at the University of Haifa in 2014.
  • Fellowship recipients will be selected by an academic committee based on a statement of purpose and criteria of academic excellence.
  • The size of the fellowships will be 5,000 NIS per month to Israeli students, and 6,000 NIS to students from abroad, for a period of 3 years.
  • Fellowship recipients will be eligible to receive additional funds for travel expenses and office space at the University of Haifa.
  • Before applying, applicants must meet the academic admission terms of the University of Haifa, in accordance to the regulations of the Department for Middle Eastern History and the Graduate Studies Authority at the University at the time of application. For further information, see

  • Applicants should demonstrate proficiency in the languages relevant to his/her research.
  • Dr. Uriel Simonsohn will serve as one of the student’s advisors.
  • Fellowship recipients will be expected to take part in the research and activities of the Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and take part in two 4-hour doctoral courses in the School of History.
  • Recipients undertake upon themselves to:
  1. Complete their research within 3 years of beginning the fellowship, with a possibility of requesting a 1 year extension.
  2. Not to seek employment in addition to their doctoral studies, excluding teaching of up to 2 hours per week for a period of 2 years only.
  3. Seek official approval for any research hiatus for a period of 6 months or more. The university will not grant a hiatus for more than a year.

Students are asked to send their applications via email (in Word or PDF documents) and via regular mail. Applications will include:

  1. An updated CV (no more than 2 pages long)
  2. A list of publications (if applicable)
  3. Statement of research purpose.
  4. Information regarding academic education, including transcripts (BA and MA studies).
  5. 2 reference letters from academic faculty of recognized academic institutions in Israel or abroad who know the candidate and his/her academic work. One of the references should be from the applicant’s MA thesis advisor.

Final date for submitting application: March 1, 2014. Application that arrive after this deadline, or that lack any of the necessary documents will not be considered.

*By the rules of financing, the National Science Foundation, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Awarding of the scholarship is contingent upon approval of administration and budgets each year

Inquiries and applications should be sent to:

Dr. Uriel Simonsohn

Department of Middle Eastern History

5 15th Floor Eshkol Tower
University of Haifa
199 Aba Khoushy Ave.

Mount Carmel,
Haifa 3498838