EAJS Nahmanides Workshop Programme

Call for Applications for 2024

Deadline for Applications: 23:59 [UK], 14 September 2023 

The European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS) invites applications to the Nahmanides Programme for 2024.

The purpose of the Nahmanides Programme is to fund workshops addressing specific issues and problems relating to the teaching of academic Jewish Studies in Europe.  It is named after the medieval scholar, rabbi, kabbalist and physician, Moses ben Nahman, commonly known as Nahmanides.

Academic excellence and the impact on network building in Jewish Studies across Europe are central criteria. International cooperation in the development of proposals is strongly encouraged.

One grant of up to £6,500 will be awarded to fund a Nahmanides Workshop in the academic year 2023-24. For this call for submissions, the topic is

Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Jewish Studies in Europe

As other fields of inquiry in the Humanities and beyond, academic teaching in Jewish Studies faces new challenges. These include, but are not limited to, responding creatively to chat bots in academic teaching, raising awareness among staff and students regarding the risks of replicating biased, e.g. antisemitic, content, and an accelerated decrease in the ability to critically assess primary and secondary source material. There are also more mundane challenges such as new forms of plagiarism or admission statements produced by chat bots. Applicants are encouraged to recruit both experts in Artificial Intelligence and colleagues working in academic Jewish Studies facing these arising challenges. The submission should include an outline with potential speakers and specify the expected outcomes.

The grant may be used to fund the travel, accommodation and basic maintenance expenses (i.e. lunch and coffees) of active participants. Proposed budgets will be assessed against the coherence and relevance of the proposed workshop as well as its expected outcomes and outputs. In case of an event budget exceeding the award, the applicants will need to show evidence for the ability to provide for the remaining amount.

Applications are to be submitted by one or more scholars actively involved in Jewish Studies in Europe. The main applicant (who must be based at the host institution for the workshop) needs to be a fully paid-up Full Member of the European Association for Jewish Studies. Co-applicants and the active participants are not required to be members of the EAJS, though membership is encouraged. The workshop should be hosted by a European institution of higher learning and should take place during the calendar year 2024. The successful applicants agree to draft a short academic report about the major outcomes which will be posted on the EAJS website.

Submission process: Applications for the Nahmanides Workshop Programme must be submitted through this online submission form. The deadline for submission is 14 September 2023.

Web page for Online Submission Form:

Enquiries about the programme should be sent to admin@eurojewishstudies.org

Please note that applicants should identify and contact the relevant cost centre at their home institution (Department, Faculty, University) to avoid complications in the transfer of funds in case of a successful application. Also, applicants must document institutional support for holding the event, and for the adequate administration of the funds.