12th Annual ucLADINO Judeo-Spanish Conference, 18 April 2024 (Zoom). Deadline application: 15 march 2024

12th Annual ucLADINO Judeo-Spanish Conference  Encounters with Judeo-Spanish Culture in the MENA and Beyond 

April 18, 2024 University of California, Los Angeles
Keynote Speaker: Yaëlle Azagury

In its twelfth consecutive year, the ucLADINO conference continues to advocate for the preservation of Ladino language and culture in the Judeo-Spanish diaspora. The theme for this year’s ucLADINO conference, « Encounters with Judeo-Spanish Culture in the MENA and Beyond, » seeks to highlight the ways in which Judeo-Spanish speakers (including but not limited to Haketia and Ladino) came into contact with neighboring languages and cultures throughout its dynamic history. We conceptualize Judeo-Spanish encounters as moments of discovery, dialogue, and/or interaction.

We encourage topics that reflect on the ways in which Judeo-Spanish speakers have responded and reacted to contact and encounters in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and beyond.

Call for Papers Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2024

Possible conference topics may include:

  • Judeo-Spanish & its encounters with modernity
  • Judeo-Spanish encounters with peninsular Spanish
  • Judeo-Spanish encounters with the Alliance Israélite Universelle
  • Encounters in the Judeo-Spanish diaspora, in the Americas, Europe, and beyond
  • Encountering Judeo-Spanish within the home
  • Encounters between Judeo-Spanish speakers of different varieties (such as Haketia and Ladino)

To apply, please complete this Google form (or email your paper’s title, an abstract of 250 words, and a one-page CV to ucladinoconf@gmail.com).

This event will take place on Zoom.

Please contact ucLADINO directors Natalie Bernstien and Madeline Hudalla at ucladinoconf@gmail.com with any questions.

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